Daniella Hogarth

Speaker | Author | Wellness Consultant | Reiki Master

Gut Health & Energy Balancing


Daniella Hogarth Biography

“I was desperate for change…my depression was unbearable and horrible for my family to deal with and I was very overweight. I found no refuge from taking pharmaceutical medication or coffee, alcohol and cigarettes only provided short term escapes. I learnt the hard way that changing my basic eating habits and listening to my heart and intuition was the only way to sustain long term health and happiness and now I want to support others who are ready to feel better“ Daniella Hogarth

Daniella is passionate about teaching the combined benefits of gut health and using Reiki to balance emotions and the energy through the body. This holistic approach has supported many to find flow in their daily hectic schedules and discover tools to reduce the stresses of their busy lifestyles.

She is deeply interested in educating people on how the flow of energy through the body can effect lifestyle factors such as sleep, relationships, emotional eating, anxiety and motivation. Daniella believes that everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy life and addressing problem areas from the cause rather than treating symptoms often can leads to positive results.

Daniella’s personal health recovery from a long history of chronic post natal depression, autoimmune disease, pyroluria and finding solutions for her children’s health concerns was what rekindled Daniella’s lifelong passion for teaching others to live a healthy life and strive to be the best version of themselves possible.

After living a Paleo lifestyle style for 6 years, Daniella and her family could not be healthier or happier. Her dedication to using whole foods as medicine and working with essential oils, crystals and Reiki has achieved great success not only with her immediate family but also in the creation of her own business Wellness On Wheels.

Daniella is a Wellness Consultant, Author, Presenter, Certified Aromatherapist, Masseuse and Reiki Master, and founder of her own Wellness Consulting business; Wellness On Wheels, which offers gut health coaching, AromaReiki massage, workshops, women’s circles, health products, online courses, and psychic energy balancing treatments.

Daniella has completed two Bachelor degrees in International Business and International Politics, at the University of South Australia, and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, which have assisted in her business awareness, teaching and life experiences.