Reflexology is a holistic, non-invasive therapy based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet and hands that relate to all areas of the body. When pressure is applied to these points it means that imbalances in the body and mind can be addressed.

There are many benefits, mainly but not restricted to:Improved circulationReduced stressDetoxifies the body Balanced nervous systemImproved sleepBalanced body systemsThe body’s natural healing is enhanced

I worked for many years as a nurse and midwife and it was whilst working in hospital in Scotland that I discovered the wonderful healing modality of reflexology.  My interest was sparked and I set about learning more. In 2003 when my Mum was nearing the end of her life it was most natural to apply gentle and relaxing reflexology techniques which were of great comfort.
In 2007 I completed my reflexology studies in Melbourne and Sole Mamma Reflexology was born!  This is in honour of my Mum, the many mums I work with and it has an additional meaning as the soles of our feet help us connect to and feel grounded and supported by Mother Earth.

I had regular reflexology after my 2nd son was born, this definitely helped navigate the postnatal period.  This is why I’m passionate about working with mothers as I can relate to the overwhelm.
I’m a professional member of the Reflexology Association of Australia.  Having completed Reiki 1 and 2 I’m also a member of the Australian Reiki Connection and feel inspired by the belief that within all of us there’s an innate wisdom that can be tapped into in order to enhance our holistic health.

Reflexology and reiki as great steps to maintaining your wellbeing.  You may choose reflexology or a combination of reflexology and reiki in the R+R Package.  A caring, nurturing environment is created for you to access deep stillness and relaxation.  This helps you switch off from chaos and instead access clarity and calmness. 

Clients report
* feelings of bliss

* empowerment

* stress relief

* better sleep

* enhanced feelings of physical and emotional wellbeing 

* clarity of thought

* balanced PMS/menopausal symptoms

* sinus/hayfever relief

* ease of muscle tension

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