OliviaWalfordNewTransparent-1A natural, altered state of consciousness. A relaxed hyper suggestible state or dissociated state. To put it simply it has been described as guided daydreaming. The therapist will facilitate the session and the client is in charge of the daydreaming. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Why does it work?                                                                                                 

What hypnosis does is relax the conscious mind, responsible for analysing and thinking and accounts for 5 – 10% of mind power. The therapist can access the clients subconscious mind, responsible for long term memory, involuntary body functions, intuition, emotions, values and beliefs accountable for 90 – 95% of mind power.  By directly addressing the subconscious, therapists are able to guide the client to discover their own resources and embrace alternative, healthy and helpful scenarios.

What does Hypnosis or trance feel like?                                                                       

We are all unique so feels different for everyone. Some say they feel as if they are daydreaming, meditating, or so deeply relaxed they just didn’t want to move. Some hear everything that is said however others drift in and out and it’s all perfectly normal as your subconscious mind is alert while your conscious mind is taking a break. Most people lose track of time and often comment that the session was only 5 minutes when in fact they may have been in trance for 30 minutes.

Can anyone be hypnotised.

Yes, if they choose to be. Trance is a natural state we enter several times a day. Have you ever been so captivated by a movie you lost track of time and your surroundings however if your phone rang you could easily break state and answer it? The depth of trance does not indicate the effectiveness of the therapy. Some people enter a light level of trance and others very deep. Each person is unique.

What is the effectiveness of hypnotherapy?                                                 

Psychoanalysis: 38%recovered after 600 sessions.

Behaviour Therapy: 72% recovered after 22 sessions.

Hypnotherapy: 93% recovered after 6 sessions. (American Health Magazine)

Reasons people may seek clinical hypnotherapy.

*Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)                     * Insomnia

* Weight loss                                                         * Stress

* Anxiety                                                               * Depression

* Insomnia                                                            * Pain

* Fears & Phobias                                                * Addiction

* Stop Smoking                                                    * Motivation